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In addition to the above presented apps we show you below some other links and apps which might be interesting for you in this context:




Getabstract! is the perfect to-go library. The website summarizes the content of business books and enables you to read it whenever wherever you are.

As a busy professional moving between home, commute, office, travel and leisure, you need to move between devices with just as much ease. Give yourself a learning tool that travels as easily as you do. The getabstract summaries are accessible through all mobile devices, web browsers, PDFs, streaming audio and MP3 files (*audio not available for all summaries), RSS feeds and podcasts. Mobility and consistent quality access is key, so we offer features such as personal favorites, transportable preferences and corporate reading lists as you change devices, so you won't have to compromise you learning experiences.

Click here:


Are you interested in e-learning, in learning by an app installed on your smartphone anywhere at any time? Then is the right choice for you. Udemy presents a huge amount of videos and tutorials for all kind of topics. Starting from business and management courses to sciences, mathematics and human resources, etc… is available in approx. 80 languages. It offers thousands of downloadable apps for smartphones as well as various on-demand online courses for use on a PC or tablet.

Additionally you can check our comparison site of different e-learning apps and choose your personal favourite application:

Money transfer

You are abroad and need to transfer money? You are travelling and need money? Or you have money and your family needs money?

This is where Azimo Money Transfer can help you.

Azimo Money Transfer is a British company which offers a fast and safe way at low costs to send money in most countries of the world. With a few clicks 195 countries are available with services such as bank transfer, cash pick up, mobile airtime top-up and mobile wallet.

Azimo Money transfer is fully regulated, you can employ proven technology and all transactions have a 100% bank guarantee.

E.g. possible African countries are Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt or Ghana

Save up to 90% compared to your bank and click here to send money in just 3 steps:

Set up your recipient, enter the amount and confirm and pay -> just start

Azimo Money Transfer

Additionally you can check our comparison site of different money transfer apps and choose your personal favourite application:

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