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Comparison of best language learning apps

Here, we compare the three best language learning apps, with a summary of their main features, e.g. for an English speaking course or in order to learn spanish online.


Learn German online Language learning apps

Babbel is free to try, with a small monthly fee applicable later. It is aimed at all levels from A1 (elementary) through to B2 (upper intermediate), making it suitable for starters and those progressing towards more advanced levels. Easy to handle and use, Babbel offers numerous lessons from its very ample resource bank. There is some degree of self-estimation of skills for the student, although no example sentences for context. These, however, could be checked in an online dictionary or other resource.

The small monthly fee varies depending on the agreed contract duration, one, three, six or twelve months.

For a 12 months registration you get your app for only 6.95 USD/month.

Also aimed at student levels A1 through to B2, this app is free to try for the basic solution, but with a moderate monthly cost for the more relevant premium services. The prices vary depending on the chosen content.

This app has example sentences and many starter levels, with a large online community. However, there are fewer lessons than the more complete, and also no repeat function.

Duolingo is free of charge and designed for groups of students, as it facilitates interactive communication. There is no paid content so the level and accuracy cannot always be ensured; it is therefore not as well suited for those studying at intermediate and more advanced levels.

Available languages

Babbel Busuu Duolingo
English English English
French French French
German German German
Spanish Spanish Spanish
Portugese Portugese Portugese
Italian Italian Italian
Russian Russian Russian
Polish Polish Polish
Turkish Turkish Turkish
Swedish   Swedish
Dutch   Dutch
Norwegian   Norwegian
Danish   Danish



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We recommend Babbel for its unique combination of powerful features, intuitive interface and educational content. If you would like further information about Babbel, simply click here to get started today:

Simply learn languages online: Click here! Register now! free 20 days trial period, just a few clicks and seconds to registration, only 6.95 USD per month for your longterm success!

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