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With new languages, regular practice is important; the maxim ‘little and often' works well. Smartphone learning apps are one of the latest developments to help with the acquisition of new skills, marking a distinct change from the past where lessons were traditionally focused in a relatively formal classroom environment. Although formal teaching continues to play an important part in the educative system, modern technology means that students can now also take advantage of fresh methods to support their course objectives, using an interesting and exciting interface. An app on your phone is very portable and can be used wherever you go and whenever you want, even if you have only a few minutes spare to use productively to revise while waiting or travelling.



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Listening skills are also easy to develop with e-learning; the new word or phrase can be repeated without human irritation. This neutral environment helps to make it easy to memorise and practise new words. Such mobile applications for smart phones and tablet PCs use well-established educational and vocabulary acquisition principles. Firstly, a subject item is introduced and new material is presented; then, the student learns the new word by repeating it. Another advantage is that E-learning and mobile assisted language learning (MALL) are available twenty-four hours a day, at the time and in the place of your choice – without any need to travel to where the class is held.

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Several experts advise that second languages learning needs regular effort and practice over time. With a tablet or mobile application, each course section or individual lesson can be repeated once or as many times as you wish, simply and without fuss. Additionally, monthly subscriptions are also very affordable for almost everyone with a smartphone - especially when compared to travelling expenses (and time) in addition to tuition fees. Pricing varies, depending on the agreed duration of the contract.



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